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EndPoint Protection (IT Brain) Memory Usage

I installed the Teamviewer 14 Endpoint Protection (IT Brain) on my machine yesterday.

In Task Manager it shows that it is one of the highest memory and CPU using apps on my system - 415,584 KB memory usage and 25% of the 29% CPU usage.

It shows 21% to 25% CPU usage while being idle, all the time. 

Task Manager.png

Compare this to Malwarebytes AntiMalware that only uses 13,215 KB while idle, and the main Window of Chrome that only uses 257,544 KB

It seems to be a massive memory and CPU hog?

Any suggestions?


  • Stanislav
    Stanislav Posts: 302 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @dbDesigner 


    Thanks for the post.


    Normally Endpoint Protection has safeguards and clever algorithms which detect how much memory and CPU is needed for normal operations. 

    In general, if there are resources Endpoint Protection engine will use them, Also a major factor in resource consumption is what is currently happening on the system. On access scan engine will try to scan all modified files on the system in order to protect it. Also if a scan is running at the time then the consumption goes up. 

    Also, The app is build to make sure it will not impact performance so If there are resources it will use them if the system is low on resources it will stop some threads in order to make sure the system is not affected and the user can work. 

    Usually, after 1-2 weeks of usage, the application will know the system already and it should not use resources which could affect the user activities or impact other more important apps to run in the background. 

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