Backup space with obsolete files can not be cleaned

CSalustiano Posts: 1

My backup space is with obsolete files from out of use machines and can not be cleaned, locking new backups.
I need to delete this data for the new schedule to work.phantonstorage.png


phantonstorage 2.png



  • Celestin
    Celestin Posts: 31 [Former Staff]

    Hello @CSalustiano ,

    Normally the obsolete file versions can be manually deleted via the functionality "delete from backup" in the Management Console; they can also be automatically deleted with the customized retention period, the storage will be cleaned after the retention period expires. However, if there is a new version of this file, it will be uploaded again to the cloud. Otherwise, the file needs to be excluded from being backed up.

    I hope that can help you otherwise contact our support we will investigate the case in details.

    Thank you for supporting our product.