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control remote computer headache with free version for personal use

I have a pc at home & when travelling on vacation last year, I installed the free version of TV in order to control the pc at home, which mostly downloads things that are of interest to me, and everything worked out just fine  :)

This year I decided to use the same solution, since it worked fine last year, & the 1st 3 days I had no problems connecting to the pc at home, except now, the seesions would always time after just a few minutes & making me wait some time before reconnecting. Frustrated, I decided to look at some of the other connection possibilities within the program & decided to try 'Remote Assistance' hoping that maybe the sessions there would not time out so quickly....big mistake, because up poped up a "access control" window with the txt "please wait for your partner to confirm the request"......of course that's impossible since I'm here & no one is where the target pc is. Now, trying 'control remote computer' I get the same pop up :(  where to turn for help??  The partner id of the pc at home is set to being constant. & all log will show I've only connected to that pc with this PC this year, and that only during last week or so & that untl this started all connections were successfull.  Seems to me that I'm up the proverbial creek without a paddle and a real fool for putting my trust into just one program, just becuase it worked a year ago  :(   Sorry if this is not the right board to be posting this