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Pilot Licensing

How do Pilot licenses compare to the channels in Teamviewer?  Can anyone use them, so long as the simultaneous connections do not exceed the number of "technicians" in the account?


  • Hi,

    Pilot is totally idependent from the TeamViewer concurrent licensing / channel based model. It is based on named user licensing. This means a Pilot technician is bond to a specific account. So each account that wants to use TeamViewer Pilot within a company must have a Pilot technician assigned to his account. 

    Let me know if you have any further questions.



  • jmac999
    jmac999 Posts: 20

    I must say that it's disapointing to see that TeamViewer is moving away from the channel model to aligning licenses with the technicians themselves. I can imagine quite a few of our users would find this feature useful for our remote support but I can't justify licensing them all. Can you consider creating a license package that runs like the channels do so that any agent can utilise the Pilot feature?

    The channel usage model of TeamViewer is what makes it such a great solution and I would like to see this applied to Pilot as well.

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