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Asset Management to Track Computers including warranties.


I'm currently evaluating Monitoring and Asset management. I'm not quite sure if I missed anything but based on my 30minutes of testing this is far from being an Asset Management (at least for my own point of view).

We need Asset Management that can give us the basic information as follows:

1. Identify each asset by Serial Number (the number you enter on manufacturer website to get the warranty information, drivers, software, etc.). 

2. Identify the warranty status (and warrant end-date) - automatically retrieved from the manufacturer.

3. Identify different hardware components inside (serial number is a plus but no purpose actually for us.)  

4. Last update information.

5. Other operating system info like versions, IP addresses, hostname, etc.

Are these possible with TV Monitoring and Asset Management?

Thanks for any help. 



  • Levon
    Levon Posts: 46 Staff


    Thanks for your message and questions. 

    I will try to go through your questions and answer them.
    1. Currently we are not displaying serial number in asset management for each asset, but based on some requests and feedbacks from customers we are going to add it there during this year. In Assets tab for some hardware components SN is available in details section.
    2. As S/N is not displayed yet this feature is not possible to have
    3.All hardware components are available in Asset Management -> ASSETS tab, you just need to switch filter to hardware. 
    4. In the Asset Management "Device" tab you can extend the row for each device and see all information about software and system updates.
    5. In the same section (like for 4rd question) you can see all needed information: e.g. Internal IP, external IP, Devcie name, OS version and etc. 

    In addition to his I would like to inform you that you can monitor all important KPI on your devices like: CPU, RAM, Disk space and health, event logs, Network traffic, Firewall, Antivirus  and tec.
    And pretty soon Monitoring and Asset Management will include also Patch Management.

    If you have any  other questions feel free to let us know.



    Product Owner, Remote Management
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