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Unable to Control New Presenter PC Apps/Software

I switched the presenter mode from myself to an attendee and he was able to share his screen but i was not able to control the software on his PC from my PCusing either my keyboard or mouse.

Am I missing something? Is this function not possible as it is with TeamViewer where the attendee can share their screen and I can navigate it remotely as if i'm sitting there in front of it?

Thanks, Lenn


  • grdi
    grdi Posts: 6 ✭✭

    It seems that the control of screens/computers does not work under Windows. Here you can see only a blue arrow and can use it to tell the user who has shared his screen where to click.

    Under MAC OS the control of screens works fine. To do this, you have to give Blizz permission in the OS settings under security > " Operating Help".

    It is clear to me that Blizz is primarily a video conferencing system. But this function is still very helpful.

    @SofiaPavlwill this feature also be available on the Windows platform?

  • PeterBrunner
    PeterBrunner Posts: 66 Staff member 🤠

    Blizz is for online meetings and screen sharing with audio and video conferencing, while TeamViewer product is for remote support (people) and control (machines).