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[macOS] v15.0.8397 (Full) - Change Log

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We released a new version of the macOS full version

Operating system: macOS

Version: 15.0.8397 (Full)

Release date: 2019-11-19

Change Log:

Please note that this is the release of a new major version. It is only possible to connect to a remote device with this version if your local device is using the same version or higher.


  • Improved quality for audio transmission within a remote control connection and within a TeamViewer meeting.
  • Simplified and clearer choices in the Advanced Options to define the automatic update behavior of the client.
  • Improved keyboard behavior: 'alt' key stays not activated anymore after entering "@" from a Mac keyboard
  • Improved error handling when trying to access a restricted folder during a file transfer.
  • Security improvement for communication between infrastructure and client components.
  • Code refactoring to prevent potential buffer overflow which may result in an application crash.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the toolbar to be shown on connections to iOS devices

Download here.

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  • PelicanMedia
    PelicanMedia Posts: 19 ✭✭

    "It is only possible to connect to a remote device with this version if your local device is using the same version or higher."

    Who at TV thinks that this is good idea?! I had to update to v15 on my Mac desktop to log on to one of my clients as it had automatically updated from v14 to v15. So now that means I cannot connect to any of my other machines still on v14? Brilliant idea. Good job. Well done!

  • One of my devices auto udpated so I had to update the rest as above... updated and connected smoothly enough, now I have no control! What is going on? At first thought I wondered if it as mjoave thing but 'check system access' is all green. 

    It's a serious problem as the machine I'm trying to connect to is on the other side of the world at my parents, running headless, so if this is permanent I'm in some serious trouble!

    Please help! Phil

  • Oliver1979
    Oliver1979 Posts: 10 [Former Staff]

    @PelicanMedia This means that you can only connect to a TV15 device with a TV15 version on your system. With TV15 on your side, you can connect also to older versions.

    @philipjdall   There seems to be a mismatch in the Accessibility rights from macOS - the TeamViewer process is no longer able to steer your Mac. Please open on the remote system the accessibility rights within system settings/security/privacy and disable and re-enable it for TeamViewer_Desktop. This should solve the problem.

    Product Owner (Enterprise)
  • There's the problem. I don't have access to the machine. It is on the other side of the world, so I rely on TV for access. Furthermore it's headless and the only people local to it are my parents who haven't got a clue. Is there any way around this? Could I roll it back to TV14 remotely? 

    There has to be some way around this, otherwise your update has bricked me :(

    Ps. I have exactly the same issue on a local machine too, so i can't be the only one.

  • PelicanMedia
    PelicanMedia Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Yes, I know. So I'm forced to upgrade to a new 'major' version YET again! TV should NOT auto-upgrade hosts from 'major' version numbers by default. This has been highlighted before but also ignored. I say 'major' as I don't think the above 4 improvements really warrant a major version number change. They seem more bug fixes than improvements to me.

  • deejinoz
    deejinoz Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Version 14 to 15 is a commercial major version upgrade. It's about driving subscriptin revenue and not about features.

    This is called capitalism. We are all playing the game.

  • @deejinoz - More like "greed"

  • deejinoz
    deejinoz Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Arguably the foundation of hypercapitalism.

  • Dennis44
    Dennis44 Posts: 3 Staff member 🤠

    Regarding to the issue with the accessibilty (mentioned by @Oliver1979 ) we decided to disable the integrated update to TeamViewer 15 on MacOS. If you want to connect to a device which is already using TeamViewer 15, you can uninstall TeamViewer and download the latest version from our website. Via the following link you will find the manual how to uninstall TeamViewer on MacOS.


    As soon as the issue is resolved we will activate the update again.


  • Teamcrash
    Teamcrash Posts: 19 ✭✭

    V14 works, but I was forced to upgrade due to automatic update of clients to v15.

    I updated to v15 on Mac OXS Sierra and Teamviewer crashes after entering password to the client connection. Tried numerous reinstalls. Called support. No solution yet. P

    Now I have a valid licence. But I cannot use the product. 


  • mac os sierra crash when connecting to remote pc

  • bbematrix
    bbematrix Posts: 1

    ... even worse: When I ran into the problem a few days ago I tried to update my Mac TV. Anyway the software told me "You are running the latest version" (14.xxx). By incident I stumbled over the new version in the download area on the web page. All in all it was 5 days of REAL troubles! For absolutely nothing.

  • PelicanMedia
    PelicanMedia Posts: 19 ✭✭

    @bbematrix , I had this on my MacBook Air too. I could not connect to a host as I didn't have v15. But when I checked for updates TV was saying I had the latest version! I didn't as I was still on v14! I had to manually download v15 and install over the top before I could connect. Poor show, as usual, from TeamViewer.

  • Dennis44
    Dennis44 Posts: 3 Staff member 🤠

    Dear All,

    we just fixed the update issue and activated the update on MacOS again. The devices should now (depending on the update setting you made) install the TeamViewer Version 15.

    Please excuse the inconvenience.

  • Teamcrash
    Teamcrash Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Updated to V15.0.24 on macbook 12'' 2016 OSX Sierra. Teamviewer still crashes after entering password while connecting  to client. Regardless the clients version. 

  • Have the same issue. I do not want to update my Macbook Air to later OS versions because of speed.

    Version 15 crashes on Mac Os Sierra. Version 14.5 runs smoothly.

    Urgently fix because cannot connect to clients having downloaded Version 15.

    I have a valid license I pay for.


  • This version still crashes on macOS Sierra. I am a paying customer and not very happy about this.

  • Still crashing ...