IT Brain Install Issues - Error 8

Can not get installed after the "update" any one run into this and can help?



  • Stanislav
    Stanislav Posts: 302 [Former Staff]

    Hi @Jstassi504 

    Thanks for the post. We had a look at our statistics and run some checks. On our side, everything looks good. 

    If you already checked the Firewall, Proxy or any other system which might interfere with the https download please get in touch with our support for further troubleshooting the situation. 

    Product Owner, Remote Management services.
  • Did all of the above and opened a ticket. Thanks

  • Losan
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    Could you let me know what URLs use teamviewer to download Backup software, so I can add then to proxy exceptions

  • Losan
    Losan Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I mean URLs to download backup software, and URLs to do upload backup data.