Active Directory Powershell runs without error. No Users imported.

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Output from execution:

Starting AD OU Sync...

Ping API...
Request [GET] /api/v1/ping
200 OK
Ping: Token is valid

Reading AD OU members

Get all users...
Request [GET] /api/v1/users?full_list=true
200 OK
Request ok!
AD OU Sync finished.

I have set the $dn, $syncGroupCN, $syncGroupOU to what I think they should be.

I have placed Write-Host commands to dump the users, but there are never any found.  

What is the format for the $syncGroupCN and $syncGroupOU other than the names of the group and OU?  

If the OU is a few levels down, does it find that without me having to put the full path into the variable?

Is there a good troubleshooting version of the powershell script for this?


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