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Licence Management


Is it possible to set up teams in a company for separated self-service licence management for the teams?

Let's say we have a team marketing with 2 core licences and team IT with a company licence.
Is it possible to set up an administrator for team marketing with only access to 2 core licences?
Or does every administrator have access to all licences?

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Best Answers


  • BenGH
    BenGH Posts: 2

    Thank you for your answer.

    So we could create a company and create shared accounts for the licence management. That is a neat idea i had not thought about.

    So we could create:
    Team 1 - 1 person / shared account with 1 crew licence
    Team 2 - 1 person / shared account with another crew licence
    Team 3 - 1 person / shared account with 1 core licence

    And can the company administrator role aslo be given to persons without a licence?