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The playback of the recording of our meeting does not work...

Dear Sirs,

This is Franco MASSARO from DMI SA ([email protected])

Yesterday (15.04.2020) I purchased a Blizz company license with Order Number 253D0K476NT.

Today (16.04.2020), I made a training session with 25 people were attending for our remote workforce, from 14:30 to 16:30. I set my screen at 2K resolution. Meeting ID was m696-890-45. The recording of this meeting generated m696-890-45_2020-04-16 14.42.blz file, with size of 5'830'767 Kb. Recordings of our training sessions are very useful for people who could not attend the virtual meeting.

Double clicking of the icon of this file does not playback any video or audio. It just starts Blizz application without any message... There are around 70 Gbytes of available space on my hard disk.

For your information we made a short recording test yesterday of a 2 people virtual meeting and its playback works. Double clicking on the icon of its file (m696-890-45_2020-04-15 12.36.blz with size of 17'092 Kb) runs a Blizz proprietary player reproducing video and audio of the recording test.

Thank you in advance for quickly suggesting how to solve this severe problem.

Best Regards



I lost 30 minutes of my time because of your messaging system. If you scroll the web page sometimes the post and cancel buttons disappear. I cliecked on the preview label and I lost teh content of my message.

When I re-wrote it, I lost it again because when I hit the POST button I was rerouted to a become TeamWiever member section... Very clumsy system, not to say other things. I hope it works now. And that your assistance works better than your tool.