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Participant Interaction does not work for presentation

Participant interaction set to minimum with Blizz for Mac (15,2,15943 BL), but users who join (by iOS app 15.2.3) are able to request and receive presentation rights without approval by the presenter/organizer of the meeting. Seems to be ok for audio and video but not for presentation.

Please investigate. Thx.




  • oljo
    oljo Posts: 4

    Manual access for use of the chat function does not work either. There is no away to allow participants the use chat after the meeting has started. 

  • SofiaPavl
    SofiaPavl Posts: 7 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @oljo ,

    thank you for reaching us!

    For the moment the chat permissions cannot be changed during meeting - definately something that could be improved.

    Regarding presentation rights, indeed currently any user can grab the screen if no screen is shared - however managing of screen-sharing permissions is on our todo list already :)



    Product Owner TeamViewer Meeting

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