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Getting the API key when another user has setup the host in design and deploy

Good morning all,

I have an interesting issue. We have 10 staff here and all an account to manage TeamViewer. As a result different users have created different hosts in Design and Deploy. As a result some hosts I can see and modify settings including acquiring the API key. Other hosts they are grayed out and I can't really modify anything. 

My end goal is to retreive all API keys as I am in the process of creating a mass deployment script. 

Is anyone able to help?

Many thanks,



  • Sven_F
    Sven_F Posts: 22 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @GreggGold ,

    you can simply use any API Token from one of your custom modules on order to roll out all custom modules (you don't need the API Token from each specific custom module).

    WHY: the API Tokens are not bound to a specific custom module. They just authenticate and authorize you as a user with the necessary credentials. If you don't have an API Token, you can also create a script token that does exactly the same:

    1. go to your user profile > Apps. 
    2. Click "Create script token"
      1. This script token needs (at least) the following permissions:
           Group management → View, create, delete, edit and share groups
           Computers & Contacts → View, add, edit and delete entries