Synology NAS cannot be assigned to the account

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I have installed the Teamviewer for NAS Synology DS418 with a cpu Realtek RTD1296 SoC

I have followed, as in many other times I have done with success, the process:

1. create the remote comuter with ID and Password and
2. assign to the account, using an user account that is the owner of the group (folder) in wich the device (remote computer) is created.

The error message (Spanish) says:

Error MessageError Message
I have downloaded the support information zip and I could send it, but i do not know if  i should post here (i do not see how).

Could you please help us to fix?

Manuel Maresca



  • tomolsan
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    It's happening the same to me. 

    I'm trying in another computer.

    Good luck!

  • Soporte_TG
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    @tomolsan ,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I have tryed out 7 devices, with the same failure problem.
    Suppose something is wrong in somewhere.

    Please give some feedback if you fix it in anyway.


  • Etsberard
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    I am a french reseller and I have the same issue with differents NAS and differents models.

    Since the new upgrade of Teamviewer package on Synology DSM, impossible to assign to account.

    Had you resolve this problem?

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    Not solved, but understood.

    The NAS assignation requires IoT licences.

    In the TV Corporate License only 2 NAS are allowed.

    If you have more that 2 is because you had assigned before this restriction became alive.

    So, you should buy individual licenses for any IoT devices (even NAS) that you want to assign and control from the TV panel.

    We, ourselves, has decided to remove from the TV Panel, and use the Panel from Synology to remote control. ? Teamviewer is moving his business model from "pay by user that control remotes and devices" to "pay by remotes and devices controlled". We do not agree with that.


  • Etsberard
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    Thanks for these informations,.Also, we will not agree this that.

    I continue to use quickconnect to remote configuration of Synology NAS.


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    Thanks for your feedbacks and please allow us to provide a more detailed explanation. NAS devices are part of the network and we use different grabbing methods to display the web interface of the device. Additionally, we have built in features that allow a remote terminal session as well as condition monitoring. The support is significantly different and enhanced to the existing remote control you are using on desktop side therefore we implemented a licensing that is more compatible with the operation on network devices with stripped-down operating system and different CPU architectures and recognized as a different product category.




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  • Etsberard
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    Thanks for your precisions