"Backup agent uninstalling in progress" stalling

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Hi Everyone, 

We recently deployed TeamViewer in our company and noticed that for quite number of our users the back up was failing with no apparent reason.

For a couple of those we decided to unstall the agent and reinstall it, however now we see the computer stuck on "uninstallin in progress"?!

Any idea or suggestion?




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    Hello Ash,

    Uninstalling can take some time if a lot of data has already been backed up. If it takes more than a day I would try uninstalling and reinstalling TeamViewer on those systems or contact support. It's not unusual to see a couple files fail, especially if you're backing up the entire system. Some files, especially system, extremely large (like hundreds of GB over a poor internet connection), in use, or unreadable files, get locked or are inaccessible to TeamViewer Backup. Don’t worry if after the first few backups you get errors, just let it continue to run and after a few days those errors may go away after a complete backup manages to finish. If you only let it do 1 attempt, uninstall, try again, you’re just going to likely go in circles. Just give TeamViewer Backup a few days to catch it’s breath with the massive amount of data it processes and compares. Also, if you have a backup scheduled in the evening and systems go to sleep or users turn off their computers when they leave, that greatly reduces the amount of time TeamViewer Backup has to complete backups so it can take several days or even weeks (if it’s several hundred GBs). Once the initial backup finishes, future backups take far less time. I had a server take over 2 weeks before seeing successful backups. It was about 600 GB of data to backup.

    I hope in the future TeamViewer Backup errors actually tells us what files failed rather than just a number. I often get just 1 file that fails and I'm certain it's the same file every time, but it would be nice to know what file that is because I'm not cross referencing 100,000 files to find out for myself.

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