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Introducing TeamViewer Web Monitoring Beta

Karlen Posts: 76 Staff

We are pleased to announce the release of TeamViewer Web Monitoring Beta!

TeamViewer Web Monitoring will be part of the TeamViewer Remote Management solution suite.

With Web Monitoring, users will be able to monitor and analyze their website performance by executing checks from multiple locations around the world.

As part of our first release only Uptime monitoring will be available for Beta. Our next release, which is coming soon, will include an additional 2 types of monitors - Page Load and Transaction monitoring.

Product Overview

  • Adding an Uptime monitor to check the availability and response time of the website.

Screenshot_3 (1).png

Screenshot_4 (2).png

Screenshot_5 (1).png

  • Displaying the monitors' data on a dashboard
  • The two different types of dashboards you can choose between to view your monitors' data are namely: 

    1. Table View dashboard 
    2. Charts View dashboard

Screenshot_15 (1).png


  • Alarms are triggered when the response time of the website exceeds the set threshold or the website is down due to other reasons. These alarms can be seen on the Alarms View dashboard and email notifications can be setup for when an alarm is triggered.


  • Failed monitors are also visible on both the Table View and the Charts View dashboard, the left side of failed monitors will be colored Red.


  • On the Chart View each failure is indicated with a red dot, and when hovering on the red dot it the failure related details will be shown.


Product Owner, Remote Management services


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