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  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    @LRC Have you tested to restart the complete TeamViewer service and still getting the message? Can you verify it is your computer getting the message and not the remote device? If yes - you can resubmit the form again.

    @RBowen Thanks for reaching out and your idea. I like it very much but as the commercial flag is tied to the TeamViewer ID and not the account, we can´t reach out to an email address but only throw a message on the TeamViewer ID (=the app on your device) itself. However - I will pass this to our product team as you never know what enhancements the future brings!

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  • LRC
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    Thanks for the suggestion Esther, I have stopped and restarted the Teamviewer service in Win10 but still receive the message. I have tried on 2 different devices and still receive it so it is my ID that is flagged. 

    I have resent the reset Form and will wait to see if I get a response.


  • Please fix this.  Or at least please respond to the multiple affidavits of private usage that I sent in more than a week ago.  

  • 100% disagree with this post. Free access is dead as the new norm is to accuse everybody of stealing especially if they work from home. I have used the personal version of teamviewer to support my family for years now. I'm also an IT professional who has been lucky enough to be able to work from home during this pandemic. Do we use TeamViewer for work support commercially. Yes. Do I sign into my work account for that support. Yes.....but now my home address is flagged for Commercial use with NO chance of every getting changed because based on their detection methods I'm a commercial user only.

    I can sympathize with a company that is trying to make money and ensure that they aren't being ripped off. But to come out and state that personal use will always be free is clearly false since there are plenty of people on here complaining about the same thing. They have implemented a clearly flawed method of detecting personal vs commercial use and sadly, everybody who this has affected is guilty with no option to appeal that decision as the personal usage people get zero support from TeamViewer. Based on that alone this product is commercial use now only in my opinion.

  • LRC
    LRC Posts: 3

    Just wanted to post an update. I made a new request for an account reset to Personal use. This time I was directed to a page to download the form and a dialogue to upload the scan of the signed and dated form. After submitting I was given a confirmation and a promise someone would contact me within 2 business days. The next morning I received an email stating my account had been reset to Personal Use and all is working again.

    Thanks for your input!

  • How can I reset my account back to a personal account? I FULLY read the blog  above and followed the instructions provided but the web pages are not responding properly. I sometimes get a 502 Bad Gateway page when I click the reset link above and when I actually get to the page to fill out the form, I am not able to submit the form I filled out (as a PDF). I'm trying to tell TeamViewer that I'm just a regular personal user. Multiple browsers are having this issue for me. And technical support won't waste their time on me because I'm a free user. I'm really about to hop to another product and kiss off TeamViewer. Is there ANY technical support for the freeloaders?

  • Being told I'm commercial when I'm obviously not when I try to send you back this PDF you want I get a "Bad Gateway" error.  



    *****UPDATE*****  Now system is telling me I'm not uploading a PDF when obviously I am ................................................  Dear lord....

    TV pdf.jpg

    TV bad gateway.jpgTV error.jpg

  • magwep
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    Hi on trying to access the reset flow, the system is returning an error at this URL: 

    System: PC

    Browser: Chrome

    All of above are updated.

    Path to reproduce (three options)

    I. Go to Reset Page first:

    1) From chat support-commercial use suspected, click link to

    2) scroll down for resulting flow ("RESULT")

    II. Go to Community first:

    1) From chat support-commercial use suspected, click link to:

    2) On the commercial use page, click Link to request the reset:

    3) Scroll down for resulting flow (RESULT)

    III. Follow instructions in the post provided by @Esther 

    1) Access

    2) Follow instructions (logging into account) which eventually lead to teamviewer/reset

    2) Scroll down for resulting flow (RESULT)

    RESULT: Error message returned by Teamviewer upon completing reset flow below. 

    EXPECTED: Will be able to enter information into form per demonstration on this community page.


    502 Bad Gateway
  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    @willpoz30 Thanks for your feedback. Please make sure to not use your work computer for personal connections or also not your personal computer for your work connections. 

    @Cathymjl @jackbran @magwep The moderators and I tried to reproduce your case, but we did not get the 502 and I was able to submit the pdf successfully. Would you mind trying again to submit the pdf and send me your feedback?

    Former Community Manager

  • I also get a 502 bad gateway any time I click any link to request a reset. Something of note, I was recently able to reset my license and I can't find that same link, however, the link given to me via email from teamviewer about how my license was reset which states click here if you're still flagged... that link also gives the 502 bad gateway. It's even plainly spelled out as:

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    Thanks for the update @Neromius . Where are you located? Just trying to find a pattern for the 502...

    Former Community Manager

  • Rojoyinc
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    How do I send in the PDF file I was sent and signed and dated? 

  • Rojoyinc
    Rojoyinc Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I got the form = signed and dated it and   have no idea what to do with it?   I've looked around your site for the past hour at least.


  • Rojoyinc
    Rojoyinc Posts: 3 ✭✭

    FINALLY  - I would have left and figured your trying to dump free people - but I kept reading that you welcome free users
    I am 63 retired and use 4 machines at home.  I try to access them all from the primary desktop. Sometimes laptop.
    I just filled out 4  ID's of the 4 machines I use (always on my home network to another machine on my home network). 
    LOCAL.   I did this re-request about a year ago and due to trying to update latest version. (I won't next time) it kicked me out again.
    CROSSING MY FINGERS I found a link to upload the pdf file to above in this thread.  But I had lost the link since it took me a 1/2 hour to figure out how to sign and data it.  I don't work with or edit pdf files  BECAUSE I'm NOT A COMMERCIAL USER.   I had to download some pdf edit app from the store.   grrrrr   I'd use RD instead but it drops out a lot and teamviewer never drops out. 

  • Krisavi
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    Can you please list the OS Teamviewer consider as Server OS?
    Take into account that there are few linux distributions that do not have "Server" version like Ubuntu has and can be used either as server or as a desktop. I.E Debian Linux. 

    How do you consider the use-case: 

    Connecting from my personal laptop to home PC during break at work to check something?
    As I see it, personal laptop is private usage, the home PC is private usage as well, the time I am on my break at work is my private time as well and not work, so it should be private use as well. I guess in that case it should matter if I use public or guest network at work or employees network, but nope, not the case.
    I learned my lesson when you locked the account for suspected commercial usage for exactly that. (Personal computer, guest network, home PC, lunch break) Most likely because the external IP is the same for work network and guest network. 
    Learned from it all that you have to use phone hotspot if I had to use personal computer in order to connect to home PC during lunch break at work.

    And another case:
    Connecting from commercialy licensed TV to noncommercial licensed TV? Clearly commercial, but what will be extra consequences for connection like that?
    Using work computer that has commercial license to another machine (belonging to noncommercial usage account) should not make the whole account suspected for commercial usage. 
    The license had been paid and only issue I was potentially getting was with the company IT for accessing home computer (They were OK with it), but I was wrong, the issues came from Teamviewer side. My personal account had suddenly the "non-commercial" usage flag attached to it as well.
    Sounds kind of **bleep** and annoying situation if you happen to normally use license for purely personal usage, but need some techincal support and give somone who uses commercial license access to your computer. That resulting in your whole account getting flagged for suspected commercial usage.

    Just from what I have experienced in the past with the "grey area" of personal and commercial usage, then if you happen to think you might be in the grey area, then consider it as being commercial and potential account flagging. 
    I have slowly shifted my teamviewer usage into alternatives due to all that mess with false-positives and try to keep myself more than one way to connect to computer in case they again decide that my usage is suspect for commercial usage, just when I really need to access my system in hurry. 

  • Krisavi
    Krisavi Posts: 4 ✭✭

    @willpoz30 It seems they extended the company external IP list to your home IP, which shows the issue with the system during our COVID period that can cause a lot more false positives due to that. 
    Just from my opinion, they should have disabled the system that should detect potential office IP-s from usage of commercial license external IP-s. At least disabled it for some time to avoid your situation where your usage of commercial license correctly is now going to affect your noncommercial account and it's private usage. 

    I do understand the company not wanting people who work from home to use the personal license as it is clearly commercial usage. The money for development has to come from somewhere and I am sure a lot of companies do understand what means the commercial license and pay for software if they are using it tht way. There are also a lot of companies that do not do that and due to those reasons a lot of true personal usage users will be affected due to false-positive flagging. 

    One issue would be to get your machine ID flagged and getting it cleared, but I had the experience of home IP considered as office IP after I connected from licensed work machine to home. It was cleared with company IT beforehand. It took 1 time 5 min connection to have quite some time of problems, first on the home machine and later all the other machines I connected from home machine. With home office being on same IP and using different account for personal and work usage means quite certainly that your personal account will have troubles in the future, despite what Teamviewer staff says about one account not affecting another. So I guess for personal usage you might have to switch to some alternatives, at least until you are back in the office.

  • "connections to, from or within a corporate network"

    Someone really didn't think this one out.

    With BYOD and guest networks, it's no surprise how many people are getting flagged for legitimate usage now, not even counting post-covid changes in how people are working. Literally, you access the internet in a waiting room somewhere or connect to a wifi somewhere public and you are likely on the same IP as a corporate network, now you're a corporate user. Someone brings a personal laptop to work to use on their free time, so they aren't violating company policy, and now they're a corporate user because it was connected to the company's guest wifi? That's literally insane. I wonder how many people have gotten this because they connected to a network at their local coffee shop. This really was not thought out well and just reeks of a typical executive level, groupthink **bleep**, to try and catch everything possible and then deal with it later, or just to get free users who aren't going to convert to commercial ever, off their platform so they don't need to support them.

    I just got blocked apparently, waiting to hear back, but have been using in my house for 10 years now, and the only time I use it is connecting to my media PC, my desktop PC, and helping family with their stuff, my 90 year old grandmother about 90% of that time. Any time I connect to anything corporate related I would be using a VPN as would any other user connecting to a legitimate "corporate network". On that topic what legitimate business would even allow users to install teamviewer on their company PC?, that's completely insane.

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    @Krisavi Until a few weeks back, you could not install a free TeamViewer on a ServerOS. TeamViewer installed itself automatically as a commercial-Trial-version. That means, TeamViewer was never "suspecting" commercial use on a Server OS, but directly starting a trial version and that expired after a few days. If you ever used TeamViewer as a free version on your server for more than 14 days, it was not a ServerOS (based on TeamViewer definitions) but a regular OS being used as a server. However - to make things easier and to allow more people to use TeamViewer more widely and easily (and of course, it is no longer 2010 and server are no longer just being used by companies), we implemented a few changes: Now - a trial does no longer start during the installation (also not on a ServerOS) and if you want to trial TeamViewer, you need to request a trial from our Sales team. All others can now benefit from the default installation of the free version of TeamViewer.

    My recommendation is (as always) to make a clear cut between everything work related and all private stuff. Do not use your private device for your work (also for work-life-balance-reasons ?). Do not use your work-account on your personal device (licensed TeamViewer account). However, if -for whatever reasons- TeamViewer suspects commercial usage and you clearly say: No, that is wrong - I am only using it 100% privately: Please fill out the form and we take care ? We are all just humans - also those who write software or blog posts ?

    I am going to update the above Blog post in the near future to reflect the changes and I will keep on keeping the article up to date also in the future.

    Former Community Manager

  • I keep getting flagged for private use and my use is personal, non-commercial and has nothing to do with work.  And every time I report it and fill out the form to request a reset, EVERY TIME, they reset the wrong Team Viewer ID.  They never pay attention.  Also, you can't ever get anybody on the phone, or even on chat, it's RIDICULOUS.  And the form??  What is the point of creating a PDF, downloading it locally, then uploading it to your web server??  Redundant steps much??  If this keeps happening then I am going to **Third Party Product** or another competing platform that doesn't incurr these absurd frustrations and impediments to use and makes the whole process subject to nonexistent customer service or support people that don't pay attention to what they're doing.  Look at the threads TV, there's complaints going back YEARS!!  And it seems like you guys do nothing about it.  Keep going this way and you're gonna lose your user base, and it'll be your own fault.

  • I've tried to start the reactivation process.  I've filled out everything but it will not generate a PDF??  What am I doing wrong?

  • @Johnny1  It's not automatic. They have to first manually review your submission, then once they confirm that you're using teamviewer commercially, which everyone is at this point by their logic, they email a pdf which you have to print, sign, then scan and send back. So, figure a good week or so to get it cleared up at best. If you needed teamviewer now, you're SOL.

  • I have used TeamViewer only to help my father and my sister-in-law with their personal computers.  Since my father died last year, I have only used it to help my sister-in-law.  Teamviewer has been extremely helpful and, at the risk of upsetting other non-commercial users, I'll even mention that I would be willing to pay a small purchase price or subscription fee for non-commercial use.

    Today, I received a commercial use detected message.  I think this was because my sister-in-law has been connecting to the internet using the wifi of my brother's business office next to their home.  Does she need to get her own dedicated non-commercial internet connection?

    NAGDT Posts: 6 ✭✭

    @Esther wrote:



    TL;DR reset-new.gif



    Your tutorial called TL;DR is useless. It has no sound and proceeds so fast that it offers no help at all!



    NAGDT Posts: 6 ✭✭


    Gosh darn it! This is really **bleep**ing me off. I must for the third time attempt to provide the required information to produce the Reset PDF because your website keeps kicking me off. What the **bleep** is wrong with you people. How much harder can you make this???



  • ok, I don't know what occured that affected how I am seen using team viewer. I have been using it for years. I have family members who find computers challenging. Aunts, uncles, cousins and generally old 80-90 year old people. I am not using it from work or for work. I use it only on my home computer connecting to friends and family. Its always the same people. Usually the same problems as well. LOL. Why can't I print. Why is my printer offline. Easy for me but hard for them. 

    I filled out the form. Uploaded the PDF. Now what? I literally have my mother in law mad at me. 

  • Been using TV for years. Today it popped up I am using it for commercial and closed my connection to my desktop. Refuses to let me reconnect without waiting 10m. Then when I do connect the connection immediately closes and says commercial use detected again.

    I already submitted the form, but I suspect this new normal considering how many complaints are starting to **bleep** up recently is just a new money grab attempt. Guess its time to move onto something else. 

  • maestro2711
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    I am a 79 yr old retired person.  I live in a condo community of 260 units.  In order to live here you must be over 55 yrs old.  The medium age is around 70.  I provied a FREE service to anyone in the community, helping with their computer problems.  At one time they would bring their computer to me or I would go to their condo.  With COVID I have been trying to do the help remotely.  TV keeps blodking me, thinking I am commercial.  What can I do???  I cannot aford to buy a license to help people for free.

    Ron Getz

    [personal information removed]

  • @maestro2711   Teamviewer has embraced a greedy business model. I tracked down an alternative that has been working well for me. Hope it helps.

  • I requested my IDs be reset.  Unfortunately, only one of the IDs was reset.  When I try to submit another form with the other ID I can't get past this message.  "Your request has already been submitted and is pending further review. Thank you for your patience as we process your request."  This has been going on for a week now.  Is there another way to request a reset or bypass this message so I can get access to both my computers?

  • @Cgrodsky  Exact same problem here.  My reset occurred 6 days ago and I'm still getting that message when I try to access the form.  The email address doesn't respond.  The phone system redirects free users here ("community" site).  Hoping @Esther can push us in the right direction.

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