Can't Reinstall ITbrain Anti-Malware Protection after doing A system update.


After updating more than one PC, from Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.18363 to 10.0.19041 the ITbrain Anti-Malware stopped working & those PC’s registered them selves as “Endpoint Protection” not Activated.

When I try to re-activate/Install Endpoint Protection I get A message that says “Endpoint Protection activation failed on {PC Name} There is another Endpoint Protection software (TeamViewer Endpoint Protection (ITbrain Anti-Malware)) installed on {PC Name}. To use Endpoint Protection, please disable TeamViewer Endpoint Protection (ITbrain Anti-Malware) and click on Activate again”. I tried to repair “itbrain” in Windows “Apps & Features” but that didn’t work.

When I looked up the “community” pages I found an article suggesting uninstalling Endpoint Protection by
“Navigate in CMD to: C:\Program Files\ITbrain\AntiMalware\
in the above folder run the command: setup.exe /uninstall”
But setup.exe file does not exist in the AntiMalware folder.

I tried “Removing the account assignment”, & restarting the PC. And it did remove the Teamviewer Monitoring app, which I was able to successfully reinstall but did not fix the Endpoint protection problem.

I tried Deleting A PC from the Web Console list, & re-assigning the PC; & this didn’t work either.

I have tried creating a Ticket with support & they gave me a link on their Sharepoint servers to download A Teamviewer installer, but that has not worked.

The only thing that I seems to work is to uninstall the endpoint protection before installing the “10.0.19041” update, & then reinstalling the end point protection after completing all system updates. But I still have not found a fix, to PC’s that this has already affected.