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Your camera is disabled - the meeting has reached the maximum number...

Hello support, we have a strange problem that coming randomly and not always.

We have a company year subscription  that permits 300 simultaneus call, but simetimes, during join of a callroom, on a webcam report error code:

"Your camera is disabled. The meeting has reached the maximum number of video partecipants".


And cannot be enabled for all partecipant; at this moment, the total number of partecipants are 20, with maximum 12 webcam "users".

Sometimes we have reached even 120 simultaneus users with webcam active and no errors.

Where is the problem?


many thanks


  • PeterP1
    PeterP1 Posts: 1

    I think they limited the video-connection to 10-12 users (for all subscription).

    Maybe the restriction was lifted with the last update (i had no chance to test this).