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Missing Monitis features

Sinds Monitis is going away, im testing TeamViewer WebMonitoring.
Many things are still missing. But the most important to me are:

  • API access to read the monitor results for our internal dashboard
  • SMS alerts

This are a deal breaker for me.

Other small missing features are things like:

  • More server locations (Amsterdam, ..)
  • Check for string on a page (some error pages also return HTTP Code 200)
  • Other services uptime monitoring (FTP, SMTP, ...)

Are any these coming soon by any chance?

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  • rdefulio
    rdefulio Posts: 1

    I am a current Monitis customer and the TeamViewer Web Monitoring tool is lacking a significant amount of functionality that is present in the Monitis service (such as, for example, the ability to monitor uptime on any type of device, not just web sites.) I have monitors for TCP listening ports, SFTP servers, etc. It does NONE of this. Finally Monitis offers the ability to check for a response string, returned during a web connection test. TeamViewer Web Monitoring doesn't do this EITHER. You guys should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves for expecting happy Monitis customers to transition to this half-assed piece of **bleep**. I'll be switching to another service for monitoring. Did you even look at what functionality Monitis offers when you put together this "replacement"? Clearly you did not. The fact you call this a complete release from Beta is laughable. It's a major step backwards for your existing Monitis customers. Its insulting.

  • Karlen
    Karlen Posts: 76 Staff

    Hi rdefulio

    Thanks for using Monitis!

    The TCP and SFTP monitors you have in Monitis, those are in our Plans also to have the in TeamViewer Web Monitoring.

    The response string check or Content matching functionality for Uptime monitors will be released this month


    Product Owner, Remote Management services
  • brolin
    brolin Posts: 1

    I need Secure Shell (SSH) monitors too.  I am still using them in Monitis but they were not included in the import from Monitis and apparently I cannot manually recreate them.  Will I be able to use SSH monitors?

  • Karlen
    Karlen Posts: 76 Staff

    Hi brolin,

    SSH Uptime monitor is not supported in Web Monitoring,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Product Owner, Remote Management services
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