Help your parents and friends using TeamViewer!

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Today, I wanted to share with you some useful content on how to use TeamViewer. The reason why I created this blog article is that I regularly see on Twitter and Facebook the same sentence...

...and this needs to stop! Right now. 😡

I will show you here the best practices for connections to a computer you are connecting to regularly, like the computer of a family member or a friend. I will go through the ideal setup (that you only have to do ONCE) to connect to your parents' computer within a simple double-click. 


Let's get started!



One of the most important points is to use the right module on your parent's computer.

For frequent connections, I highly recommend installing the TeamViewer Host.

Why choosing the Host?

  • the TeamViewer Host is the ideal module for making connections without any interaction of the remote user. Therefore, you will always be able to connect to your parents' computer without any interaction of them.
  • the TeamViewer Host will always run in the background of the computer. Therefore, it won't irritate your parents as they won't even see it.
  • it's much lighter (18,9 MB) than the full version so it won't use waste extra resources of your parents' computer

You can download it from here: TeamViewer Host.

📌Note: Make sure to download TeamViewer modules ONLY from our official website:

To install the TeamViewer Host, please follow this animation:


Name and protect

Now that the installation is completed, you need to give the remote computer a name and to set up a personal password (which only you know), you so can connect to it.

To do so, please follow this animation:


It is possible to automatically add the computer of your parents in the Computers & Contacts list of your TeamViewer account.

In order to do so, please follow the instructions on your screen or these of the animation below:



You want to make sure no one scams your parents and also that you are the only one connecting to the computer.

This is why I recommend you to

  • disable the random password
  • insert your TeamViewer account into the allowlist

in order to keep your parents away from the scammers.

To do so, please follow these animations:

Disable the random password

Allowlist your TeamViewer account



You are done! 

Please go to your Computers & Contacts list, double-click on the remote computer you just added and let the magic happen!


Stay connected!

I hope this post will help you as this is the easiest way to connect and to help their family members and friends! 🍀

Let us know if you like this format and also for which use-case(s) you wish to get best practices content! 🙏

📌Note: If you experience that commercial use has been falsely suspected on your device, please request the reset here.

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  • mr-b
    mr-b Posts: 6

    Hi, my friend only knows that she has Linux, so I've no idea which version of Host to download. Also the ad for this article says "Connecting to your parents within 2 seconds?". The above looks a lot more than 2 seconds!

    What happened to Quicksupport which *was* easy and did take a couple of seconds.

  • _Tim_
    _Tim_ Posts: 5 ✭✭

    @JeanK  Why are you deleting comments critical of your overzealous commercial use detection that bites you in the **bleep** right when you need it. 

    My post and one from another user i got an email notifcation of are not visible anymore, why are you trying to silence criticism about this feature making your free offering next to useless ?

  • gbe11
    gbe11 Posts: 3

    @_Tim_, my post was deleted too, without notice or attempt to address my enquiry via direct message. I am deeply disappointed in this apparent censorship behaviour in a community forum. Why did it happen?

    Even though I don't need TV for business because I use VPNs, I've been recommending TeamViewer for years for those who don't have these capabilities.

    I sincerely hope this post is not deleted.

  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,256 [Former Staff]

    Hi @gbe11 and @_Tim_ 

    Thank you for your post and I apologize for any inconveninece caused.

    As I wrote to @_Tim_ in this blog, we did not delete your posts.
    Your posts have moved to the right thread by our moderator.

    Please understand that we (Community moderators) are here to maintain the integrity of the community in accordance with our community guidelines.

    I understand your frustration, but in order to have a great experience for everyone in the community, we expect you to follow the guidelines.

    We thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • gbe11
    gbe11 Posts: 3

    Hi @Yuri_T, thank you very much for the explanation, which makes sense, although it's not overly helpful for the transition to happen silently. I've never used these forums previously and was unaware of my transgression. In my experience with other forums, I've usually seen a notification which states a person's post has been moved to another topic thread, which prevents the apparent 'disappearing post' perception.

    Perhaps an automated entry directing the poster to the new location would assist lower overhead for the moderators and any misunderstanding by a person inadvertently posting in an incorrect thread.  

  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,256 [Former Staff]

    Hi @gbe11 ,

    Thank you for your reply and your feedback.

    I apologize for any confusion here. 
    Normally when we move a post to another thread, you will receive a notification. It is good to know for us that you have not received any notifications, in this case we will look into the case.

    I would like to thank you again for your understanding. Your feedback and thoughts are always welcomed and appreciated.?

    Kind regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • marshallw
    marshallw Posts: 2 ✭✭

    All of the animations go too fast to see what I'm supposed to do.  Is there a way to pause them?

    Can you provide a written description of the steps they are showing (which would also be ov value to sight impaired users, by the way)?

  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,256 [Former Staff]

    Hi @_Tim_ ,

    I understand your frustration and I am sorry for any inconvenience.

    Please note that your recent post has been moved to the right thread in order to Keep discussions on topic.

    We understand that sometimes technical issues or the software itself may cause frustration, but in cases like this please try to still be respectful when posting in the community.

    You are very welcome to post in our forum again, but please try to be helpful and respectful of all users and our guidelines in the future.

    Also, we provide our community forum for discussion, therefore I would like to ask you to post in the forum for further discussion, not in the blog as the community blog is not here to get your warning and we cannot discuss like this further.

    I would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    Former Japanese Community Moderator

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