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wrong epson choice?

rblinlv Posts: 1

I needed the Epson ANSI glasses so I purchased the BT-350. Now, apparently, am i wrong that the support for this glasses is only through TVPilotLite and not the generally released TVPilot that is in the Moverio (and Google Play) store? This gives me great pause if it is true. In fact the manual for the 350 versus the 300 from Epson seems to imply that it is not as supported as the 300 in any way. I really want features that apparently are not in Lite (file up and download with the glasses and not locking the feed with i wrong or do some devices actually continue live feed when arrows are placed...i am sure i saw this behavior on an iphone i was remotely supporting), and I cannot get the app from Moverio because it's app store is locked to BT300 serial numbers. I haven't tried the play store because i do not want the glasses signed-onto a play account at all. I also do not want to play APP versus APK games if i don't have too and dont even know if i could load the non-lite version on these glasses. Is there ANY documention on these matters? Is there any help provided outside of these forums? I am using this and am licensed for commercial use and want to expand into glasses but this experience is not favoring such an investment.

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