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TeamViewer API for custom app

I have made an android application that utilization's TeamViewer's programming interface to associate with a work area TeamViewer. I'm thinking about how much this would be permitted, perceiving how mods have said teamviewer is fine. On my application, I have created it with the goal that you can decide to show truth be told, unmistakable areas of the screen. Each part must be tapped once in succession, where it right away handicaps that district (on the android application) and the other locale opens up on a similar spot on your telephone.



  • edisonkeith
    edisonkeith Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited May 26

    From what I understand, it's pretty much the same as just playing runescape on a tablet and using a touch screen. The only difference is that the app completely prevents the mistakes of dragging items or missing a click by disabling that regions of teamviewer after a tap, and moves the other region in place for the next tap. [removed per Community Guidelines]