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Automated File Deployment

I have 200+ computers in my account and they are all using the same softwares. I have to update the software from time to time.

To do this,

>I have to connect to each computer

>Transfer the necessarry files to the client

>Run a batch file or script to do some tasks related to the files such as, copy, erase or move


is there a way to automate these steps into a script for selected host computers?


  • There are a number of ways to do this..
    1. You may consider using ninite and save yourself the hassle. The free version can allow you to distribute (as of today version 12.0.88438) -

    2. If you have a domain, and are the domain admin, you could just distribute an MSI using a GPO -

    3. You could use a scripting language, but you didn't mention which one, so here's a PowerShell example assuming you've already enabled WinRM:
    $computer = "some computer"
    copy-item -path "\\your server\your path\your exe.exe" -Destination "\\$computer\the computers administrative share\program files (x86)\TeamViewer\your exe.exe"
    enter-pssession $computer
    cd 'whichever drive you used in the administrative share above:\program files (x86)\TeamViewer'
    .\uninstall.exe /S /norestart
    .\your exe.exe /S /norestart
    del your exe.exe

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