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SCCM Install of Teamviewer

We are new to SCCM and we are having a very hard time creating an application installer that works.  We have our custom msi and have created our .reg file.  The problem is getting it to correctly install the .reg file.  The regedit command we previously used in Ghost does not seem to work.  Can anyone help us with the process involved in setting up Teamviewer through SCCM?


  • Hello,

    The current setup file for the full version (Viewer and Host) must be downloaded from the front page of and placed in the working directory that you specify as the setup file directory. The wizard will look for a file starting with "TeamViewer_Setup" in this directory, as the setup file is by default named this and may be appended by a language string.

    If you've ever created an .msi installer file from before-and-after system snapshots, for use with a software distribution system such as Group Policy or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), then you know how hit-and-miss the results can be.


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  • Teamviewer is a very good remote control tool. And I've been using this software for over 10 years. Especially using it more effectively with the 4G Vinaphone package has just been licensed since 2017

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    Hello swtcdoit,

    have you already seen our knowledge base article "Mass deployment improvements"?

    It is not SCCM specific, but you should be able to use same mechanisms for it.

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