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TeamViewer 13.2 batch deployement


I'm a new user of TeamViewer 13.2 Corporate.

I want to batch deploy TeamViewer Host on about 1000 separate computers.

Here's is my command line:

start msiexec /i teamviewer_host.msi /qn customconfigid=xxxxxxx apitoken=xxxxxxxxxx IMPORTREGFILE=1 ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--reassign --alias '%lmid%' --group '%lmigroup%' --grant-easy-access"

She's working but my 2 variables %lmid% & %lmigroup% which contain blank are not working as expected, i had only the first word


%lmid% = COMPANY TOWN Server

%lmigroup% = COMPANY TOWN

The command line only show in my console a group called 'COMPANY with a computer called 'COMPANY

I have tried with no variables (--alias 'COMPANY TOWN Server' --group 'COMPANY') and the result is the same.

Thank you

Best Answer


  • Hi Christian,

    I have tried your two commands. The first command work as expected. The second give me an error in msiexec.exe arguments.

    Thank you very much!

  • Please mark the reply by christian-j as the answer to your question.