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RemoteApp Control problems

I am currently testing TeamViewer IoT for use with my company's digital signage running on Raspberry Pi using YoDeck. YoDeck gives us many options for maintaining and monitoring the digital signage but we want remote access, unfortuantely the full TeamViewer host does not work with the OpenBox desktop environment they are using but TeamViewer IoT gives us a Shell connection and a localhost browser connection. So here's my issue:

The RemoteApp Control is great in theory, however whatever browser software it's running on does not support JavaScript and/or HTML5. This is a major issue as I could have easily side-stepped the problem of full Teamviewer not working on the YoDeck's software by running noVNC and having it load on port 80. When I open RemoteApp Control it begins trying to load noVNC but it seems that the browser lack of JavaScript and HTML5 support cripples it.

So my question is: Can we get more a more robust browser built into Teamviewer for RemoteApp Control? This would allow so many users to have full remote control of their Pi's and would solve a major issue for my company.


  • PatrickG
    PatrickG Posts: 40 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @Unique421

    Thank you for posting the issue you are encountering with the browser opening the connection to your local webserver on the Pi,

    It is correct, the browser used to open the web application is an embedded version of a browser with limited functionality for a smaller footprint. We are reviewing your request, how we can enable a connection to your Raspberry Pi´s desktop or web application. 

    If you don´t mind, we will contact you directly to discuss the further process and post a solution on this thread once it is completed..

    Thank you once again for raising this request!



  • No one has reached out to me yet? Should I expect that anytime soon?

  • PatrickG
    PatrickG Posts: 40 Staff member 🤠


    Thank you for your follow up. That is indeed my bad, I apologize. I just sent you a message.

  • olafh
    olafh Posts: 1


    Is there a solution availible for this HTML5 issue? We are testing Teamviewer IoT right now and with remote access we also get this message when we use our new controller.

    Best regards

    Olaf Harms