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Remote terminal

In some posts I see that it is possible to do remote terminal when the iot-agent is installed in others I see that you can only access webapplications that are installed on the iot device. Is it possible to do remote terminal (i.e. ssh like) when iot-agent is installed or is the full teamviewer needed for this? 

Note: I tried to do this on a RPi but I couldn't accomplish a remote terminal connection when iot-agent was installed. While the data was showing in the dashboard perfectly.

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  • jspek
    jspek Posts: 2
    Is it correct that it is only supported in de Windows Client?
  • PatrickG
    PatrickG Posts: 40 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @jspek 

    At the moment, you can only connect FROM a Windows TeamViewer client, that is correct, yes. We are working on deploying the IoT technology on other TeamViewer clients as well but at the moment, IoT devices can only be reached from a Windows PC. 

    Hope, that helps. Let us know if you ahve any other questions.

    Best regards,