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Hello, we are a big company focused in technology sales and support. We are working with TeamViewer Corporate, which includes Pilot. A big amount of our customers use older versions of Android (6 and 7), so we are bein unable to use Pilot with those clients. would there be chance you guys release a Lite versions of this app (pilot) disabling the use of ARCore/AR? just to use the app built-in camera. Thank you.

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  • ophiel
    ophiel Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Thank you, we'll really be looking forward to see this happen!

  • ophiel
    ophiel Posts: 3 ✭✭

    By the way, as a suggestion, please add a "Flashlight" button in the app to help the customers see in low light scenarios, cos some times the app even blocks the phone built-in flashlight button.

  • Friederike
    Friederike Posts: 13


    Thank you for your feedback. The flashlight functionality is scheduled for our July release.

    Thank you & best


  • Jason10
    Jason10 Posts: 1

    Hello Support Team,
    I am testing the Teamviewer Pilot App with my smartphone now. After I started the pilot app connection, how can I zoom-in or zoom-out my phone's camera please? Does the Pilot program allow  camera's zoom changing please? Thank you in advance!