Remote screen for embedded Qt application on EGL

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Hi Guys,

I am working on the following setup: Raspberry pi with Raspbian Lite running a Qt application that is rendered using the EGL interface. EGL gives me the best performance but I have been unable to get remote access to my application via teamviewer that way. TeamViewer IoT runs on the pi and when I render the application directly to the fb I can see it remotely but it doesn't recognize any inputs. 

In this post:

The possibility to include a teamviewer SDK in a Qt application. Does anyone have experience with this? How could i get remote access to my application?

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    The 3rd option for remote screen grabbing for Teamviewer IoT is currently still in beta phase. This means that it is not yet publicly available.

    A preliminary of the SDK for QT applications version can be obtained by signing an NDA with Teamviewer. For this please send a request to

    Please excuse this inconvenience

    Thank you


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    Ohh will it work?