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Blizz settings

Teamviewer portable uses tv.ini for all settings. Does Blizz also have an INI file for the settings?
We use options in Teamviewer which I cannot find in Blizz. I want to give the end user a client who can only participate in a meating and cannot start a new meating. Is that possible?


  • Hello,

    There is no such feature in Blizz - saving settings in INI. Also it is not possible to disable "start meeting" function.


  • TV_Ab
    TV_Ab Posts: 3

    I'm not happy about that. You puch everyone to Blizz but Blizz has not the functionality that we are using at Teamviewer. How can that be?

  • I am sorry for inconvience.

    Can you disable start meeting feature in Teamviewer?

    Also it would be interesting to know why you want to disable that function in Blizz and have ini file.

    For your information Blizz does not require administrative access, so any user can install Blizz (no need for portable version) and join your meeting.

  • TV_Ab
    TV_Ab Posts: 3

    Thanks for your reaction.
    We work in a financial secure company with limited internet access. Users cannot download or install programs. We don't want that users share screens to the outside. We want that users can only participate in a meeting.
    We want to make internal meetings in our company. Preferably without using the internet.

  • I see, thank you very much for explanation!

    Unfortunately such use case is not currently supported in Blizz but I will let our product management know about your feature request. I will also send you a private message.