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How I can get / set free fields from TeamViewer API?

Hello TeamViewer Support,

i need help. I'm now using your API to write a communication between our CRM & ERP Systems for the ticket module. But i have now a problem. I want to use the free fields which i can declare under my management console in my company section. I have created a field named "Nummer" (in german, english is Number^^) and i want to get the information over the API (with REST Functions) and I want to set them with various numbers (for example: Customer 2 PC 1 has the number 100 and Customer 2 PC 2 has 101 for added PCs) that I can order them for my specific needs. I've checked everything out in the TeamViewer Documentation API but i haven't found a solution. Can anyone help me there out? Thanks in advance!


Btw. i have another question:

When i get information about sessions, i wrote a little application which converts the URL from Beta QSC/*** to teamviewer8://instantsupport/***

isn't there a better solution that i become for the supporter the right url (teamviewer8 protocol)? then my little program would be obsolete and would safe me a lot of time ! - is there anything? I'm getting data from**&full_list=true - is there a better solution? We have a custom QuickSupport Module created with Management Console, there i defined that every new session joins automaticly the groupid from where i pull data :)