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Configure Password During Install


I currently have an application that performs a silent installation of Teamviewer, this works great and as expected. However, as part of this process we are also wanting to create a dynamic password and set this. 

Is there a way to achieve this programatically rather than manually?

Many thanks 



  • Hello BootCom,

    what are you trying to achive or what's your target situation?

    Think about...
    Who knows / uses the password?
    Do you need to change the password (regularly)?
    Who changes the password and how?
    Do you need to share the password with other users? How?

    Team Lead Product Development (Enterprise)

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  • Thanks for coming back to me @christian-j 

    The password will be known to no-one (so it doesn't need to be shared), from an operational perspective they click a button and the teamviewer client will load - this part I can already do as it's just a command line.

    The password doesn't necessarily need to be changed regularly, it's not something that happens currently.

    The password can be changed by our support team but this isn't done very often.

  • @BootComAny updates on this issue? Did you managed to programatically assign passwords to clients?

  • Hi @wardo82 ,

    I was hoping to have had a response to my previous message but unfortunately I've not had anything back. Everything I've looked up online has come up blank.

  •  @BootCom Have you look into the REACH API? I'm not sure if it can at least improve the security of the connections to devices. I'm too new to TeamViewer to know.

    One could also not use password at all and stick to easy access