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blizz crashes with external camera

I want to use logitech c922 camera for the meeting room. Mostly after I started the meeting the blizz app crashes. This happens just when I use the external camera.

Another problem is that the picture with the external camera is displayed correctly in my blizz app, but is upside down on the meeting partner.

I use the Blizz app on my MAC Book Pro (15" 2018) with IOS Catalina 10.15.2

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  • GMac01GMac01 Posts: 2

    I have the same issue with the same set up except for a MacBookPro 13"

  • grdigrdi Posts: 6

    When I switch to "speed optimized" in the blizz settings it works correct. But for the meeting room this video quality is not enough

  • oljooljo Posts: 4

    Logitech c925e: Preview is allo good, but video picture sent is upside down with wrong colors. This needs to get fixed as Logitech is market leader for external cams. 

  • grdigrdi Posts: 6

    I have now also tested another external camera. It's more of a noname called "Dericam".

    It is a very cheap camera. I just wanted to see how this camera worked with Blizz.

    The malfunction is unfortunately exactly the same as with the one from Logitech.

    So dear people of Blizz. You should work out a bug fix.

  • oljooljo Posts: 4

    Have just tested the MACOS update. Looks perfect now with Logitech c925e. Hopefully fixed for the other users as well. Thanks!!!

  • grdigrdi Posts: 6

    Thanks for MAC OS update. Everthing works fine now.

  • Roland7Roland7 Posts: 2

    I have the same problem with Windows 10 too. I'm using a Logitech BCC950 conference camera with OBS Virtual Cam. After trying to choose my BCC950 within the settings dialog I can't drop down the camera list. Instead the app crashes. After a restart of Blizz the app crashes after a few seconds without doing anything.

    I tested with other conference software (**Third Party Product**, **Third Party Product**, **Third Party Product**) and everything worked fine here. Since it is meant to be using Blizz for a webinar within short time, we urgentlich need a bug fix.

    Best regards Roland

  • SofiaPavlSofiaPavl Posts: 6

    Hello @Roland7 ,

    thank you for reaching us!

    I am sorry to hear that you are facing problems with Blizz and camera: would it be possible that you send feedback through the app and include your logfiles next time this happens, so that we can investigate why this is happening?

    If you have a license that supports it, you can also contact support (submit a ticket) in order to send you crash logs as well.



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  • Roland7Roland7 Posts: 2

    Is there anything new to my case? I sent the log files directly from Blizz on the same day of your reply three weeks ago. I'm still waiting for a solution. Blizz crashes on my Notebook and on my desktop. In July there is a webinar that I am supposed to run with Blizz. If there is no solution to my problem I must cancel the webinar. Here is the last dialog - after a few seconds Blizz crahses / terminates without any further hint:


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