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Not possibility to access to my account

I had an account with my email. When I try to access it doesn’t recognises my password. When I select “I don’t remember my password” I don’t receive any email in the original email address. It seems that my account has been cracked and someone has changed the reception email.  Is any possibility to recover it?  Thanks in advance.


  • Celestin
    Celestin Posts: 31 [Former Staff]

    Hello @Lcasano

    Thank you for your post, this behavior is strange, we would like to have more details about it and investigate it. Can you please contact our support?

    Thank you!

  • CynthiaCM
    CynthiaCM Posts: 1

    Hey, Im having the same issue.

    Could you solve it?

    The strangest thing is that I have the ID and password of my associate. I really dont know what to do.

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