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TeamViewer QuickSupport en Linux

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In view of the impossibility of using QuickSupport on Android from Linux (although I have tried "all") and seeing that Windows 10 works perfectly I have achieved a trick (to call it somehow) to be able to do it: install a machine virtual with Windows 10. Once Teamviewer is installed in that virtual machine everything works perfectly. I send an image with part of my Kubuntu desktop and in a window the remote control of my mobile with android 9.0, which by the way is a wonder to be able to work without having to be looking / touching the mobile that I do not even have close.

For those responsible for TemaViewer a request: solve this problem (I do not know if it is small or not) to avoid having to virtualize in Linux, since even if it works, it consumes quite a few resources depending on the characteristics of the computer.

I await news or comments from other users on this matter ..Screenshot_20200420_192602.jpg