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AD Integration

Hello Everyone!

We are using TV with corporate license for about 6-7 agents that are mainly using TV for remote supporting customers.

Currently I am trying to find the right solution to:

1. Enable SSO for our agents
2. Populate "Computers & Contacts" from Active Directory.

I believe for point #1 I will be looking at the following link:

The main question is regarding point #2 because according to my understanding, we need to use ADConnector to make that happen, but I'm not quite sure that this is possible to use ADConnector to populate "Computers & Contacts".

We would only need the hostnames listed (as our naming is very informative).... maybe Display names if thats possible.

Also is that possible to exclude creating user accounts for the employees we want to support, since they are running a customized host on their machines.

Last but not least, I believe on top of our current license we will be needing Tensor? Even if we dont really want to use any other of its features other than the SSO capability?

Your answers are much appreciated!

Best Regards,