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Issue when trying to change the device name through API


I have a system that automatically changes the names of devices, based on the user's name and connection type.

When I run this call manually through an HTTP client (e.g. postman) the call works fine and the name changes every time.

However, when I run this API call from my node server (with all configurations identical) the response of the call is OK, but the name only changes sometimes. Other times it stays the way it was, though the call did not return an error.

This used to work fine. It stopped working about two weeks ago, though the code of my server was not changed.

Any idea what might be going wrong?

Is there a way to see the the teamviewer logs so we can understand what is happening?



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1 Reply
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Re: Issue when trying to change the device name through API

Hi @ilank,

you wrote that you're changing a data, so I guess you're calling the PUT on devices.
The answer in the case of a positive result is 204 and not 200: in your message you have specified OK (therefore 200). You should analyze the outgoing traffic on your server to clarify that the answer is exactly the one given by the system to your request and not another one provided for example by an internal proxy.

Again, the operation PUT is idempotent: not knowing exactly which programmatic tool you use to make the call, you have to consider the fact that in some contexts the "tool" could ignore the requests following the first (with identical parameters) if done in quick succession and the first one had a positive result.

Let me know.


Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder
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