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Pass on presenter role through API

 Is it possible to assign someone else as the presenter, instead of the person who created the meeting? I want to use the API to create a meeting for multiple people, and I want to assign one of them as the presenter, instead of the presenter needing to create the meeting himself

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Re: Pass on presenter role through API

Hi @nst

Meeting API resource is user level access only. 

You need to create a different Token script for each of the presenters for whom you want to create meetings dynamically From time to time you will assume the identity of this or that presenter to send a POST to /api/v1/meetings.

Alternatively, you will need to make the operation interactive, asking each presenter to authenticate via OAuth to TeamViewer (App Token) and press a button to which you will have associated the commands to perform the same POST activity using the authorization token of the specific context of the currently logged in user


Domenico Langone
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