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PowerApps OAuth2 setup



I'm trying to connect a PowerApps (Offic365) app to TeamViewer Connections report via a custome connection< I know next to nothing about PiowerApps. anyway is this even poosible to start. If so Its looking for  ClientID, Authorization URL, Token URL, Redirect URL...

Not sure about this, I just use the token and Python requests to get the data and dump it in a .csv, no problem at all.


Any Ideas Appreciated





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Re: PowerApps OAuth2 setup

From what I gather unless your Full account admin you cant get the Client ID, because you cant create an API that can be used by others

You can only use the token that gives access to whatever your account has access toInsomnia Set UpInsomnia Set UpResponse showing MeResponse showing Me

In my example I just queried for the groups and it returned ALL groups with ALL users

I could also query devices


Grant Type: Authorization Code

Auth URL: 

Access Token: <your access token created at> >> "Edit Profile" >> Apps >> "Create Script Token"