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Teamviewer API : Urgent help required

  1. Are the APIs available on local Host?
  2. Is it possible to start the Android app automatically at the boot up?
  3. Are there APIs to establish the remote connection to users without no user intervention?
  4. Is it possible to have the static session code for the connection?
  5. IS it possible to completely eliminate the team viewer GUI using APIs?
  6. Is it possible to connect or reconnect to the session after a disconnection?
  7. Is it possible to stay conncted to atleast 2 users at a time and switvh between them using team viewer APIs in run-time?
  8. Are the same APIs avaible for Android and Linux? If no, what is the difference between them?
  9. Can we set the session connection and reconnection time out period using the APIs?
  10. Is it possible to get the notification using APIs whenever the user gets disconnected from the session?
  11. What is tenant ID?
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Re: Teamviewer API : Urgent help required


Can someone explain me what is tenant_id and tenant_nonce in the following post ? 


Also clarify if there is any API for unattended remote control.