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Posted by p2k

Management of channel groups via API

I am looking into the TeamViewer API currently because I want to create our users by script in the future.

We currenlty have 2 channgel groups for our users and I need to be able to assign a new user to a channel group. Sadly I don't see this as a possibility via API currently. At least I couldn't find any word about this in the documentation.

Is this currently possible? If not, do you have any timeframe, when this might become available.



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1 Reply
Posted by DomLan

Re: Management of channel groups via API

Hi @p2k 

I apologize for the delay ... you've probably already solved the problem.

Yes, the operations you are talking about are possible as long as they are executed in separate steps: create the operator, create the group (or retrieve the related id) and then execute a POST to /api/v1/groups/<gID>/share_group (share group with other user(s))

Remember that authentication for last step must be executed with read-write permission on specific group: so Company access token or, at least, user with full access on that group.


Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder