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SCCM OSD Assigment, no AssignmentData.json


During our SCCM OSD installation we install TV 12 and the run the assignment tool.

But it looks that the AssignmentData.json isn't created and therefor it can't register.

If I run the same script manually after installation or on another computer works just fine.

tv_assignment.exe -apitoken XXX -datafile ""${ProgramFiles(x86)}\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json"" -devicealias ""${COMPUTERNAME}"" -wait=30 -verbose

any suggestions?

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Posted by isabeljason

Re: SCCM OSD Assigment, no AssignmentData.json

Hai SuperDOS,

Try to reinstall TV12 and and run the assignment tool as may u can find the conifuration issues wth SCCM and the AssignmentData.json is formally created in the same path while run is processed.