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enable easy access AFTER already deployed.

I need to enable easy access and TV has already been deployed to our endpoints.  The article that was sent to me from TV support shows:

teamviewer.exe assign --APITOKEN=<MY APITOKEN went here>  --grant-easy-access

This does not seem to be working.

Any help is appreciated. 




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Posted by RCT_IT

Re: enable easy access AFTER already deployed.

Hi mate,

You need to call it like this:

START /wait "Teamviewer Assignment" "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe" assign --API-TOKEN (token pasted here) —grant-easy-access

Bear in mind that the assignment needs to happen after TeamViewer is running. You can’t do the assignment if the executable is not running on the host machine.

Therefore do this command before the assignment command:

NET STOP TeamViewer && NET START TeamViewer