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Blizz Screen with vMix mirrored

Hi everybody,

I am testing out Blizz with vMix and I am facing a really weired problem: The Camera is taken from the vMix output and ... mirrored. In vMix the image is completely normal, in Blizz I choose the "vMix external Output" in the settings and ... the image is mirrored.

How can this be? And how can this be fixed? I don´t find any settings ...

All the best, Julian!


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Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: Blizz Screen with vMix mirrored

Hi Julian,

It is implemented like that because usually in Blizz one uses webcam that is pointed to the user. In that case it feels right when camera image is mirrored.

Unfortunately there is no way to disable mirroring.