Posted by labadmin

Blizz Trusted devices

Our machines are setup for multi-user purposes so when a user logs out of their profile on the machine it clears their data so that the hard drive does not get full.


The machine does not allow normal user accounts to make changes to the environment.


When it comes to the Blizz application, when a user signs out of the machine account the application gets signed out as well. Upon signing in again to both the machine and Blizz account, an email gets sent to us requiring us to add a trusted device.


Due to the nature of the use of the application, we are unable to monitor the email system(for trusted device authorization) all the time whenever the application/account needs to get used.


Please advise if there is any way we can get around the trusted device email and stop the application asking for authorization each time we sign in? this is a huge problem in our environment.


Is there some sort of config file that can be edited to stop this from happening? Or can you send us some sort solution.