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Cancel Subscription after 7 days

I had a need to host a meeting on March 29th and tried to sign up for subscription then, I got a series of email's needing me to verify some info.  I did replay to one email asking for direction as I was a little unclear on what they were looking for.  To my knowledge I never accepted anything and was under impression that the transaction was not completed.  Well I just got my Amex bill and I was charged the $588.  I never used the service and do not have need for it now.

Going back through my emails I now see they did send me copy of invoice congradulating me on my purchase.  I really thought it was junk mail associated with me asking for info.

I really don't need this at this point and just want service canceled and money refunded.

Please advise.


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2 Replies
Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: Cancel Subscription after 7 days

Dear Martywilkins, 

In order to be able to assist you in a proper way, we require further information from you. 

Please submit a ticket through the below link and let us know the email address that was used for the purchase along with your invoice number.

Thank you!


Posted by Fookes_Software

Re: Cancel Subscription after 7 days

We have requested to cancel our subscription and be refunded (purchaed on 04.11.2019, requested refund on 17.11 and 18.11) but have not received a response or confirmation of receipt of email by Blizz.

How long will this process take ?