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Host is being booted from a Conference Call.

A meeting host is being kicked out of a 40 user conference call, we have a license that should support 250 users. She was in the call, then a number of people were booted from the call all at once including herself. They called back in successfully, but were booted again not long later; the second time the meeting was ended. They were using the scheduled meeting feature for this meeting.

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Re: Host is being booted from a Conference Call.

Dear @westpointuwsys,

thank you for your post.

In order to give the best support for this kind of issues I kindly ask to you to go here: and submit a ticket selecting as "Reason"-> "I have a Support question".

In the description please write some details regarding the issue and please specify the meeting ID and when (date/time) the issue occurred.

Thank you,


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