Posted by jontay

jerky video

We're using Blizz to present a powerpoint presentation and yesterday we presented to 2 participants and the powerpoint was smooth with no lag. Today with the same participants they're getting very jerky slides and video. Is there any way to improve the video performance of Blizz?

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2 Replies
Posted by tjhall1000

Re: jerky video

i have recently had same issue here for past couple weeks.

when im out of the house i like to watch my anime shows. and lately they do not play smoothly, they are always choppy now. and its only been this way since i upgraded to teamviewer 13

Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: jerky video

@jontay, thank you for your message. Performance and quality of screen sharing depend on network bandwidth of a participant. Is it possible that second time your participants have joined from a place with less bandwidth? Or maybe your network conditions were different?

When you say "video", do you mean sharing webcam video?