Posted by Durango2k

"Shared" pdf file


I´d like to use a company license for our company needs. 

However, I need a feature which I could not get to work: Both, presenter plus client (on a windows tablet or an ipad) have to be able to work in the same pdf file.

"Working" means that the file is opened on the desktop in a pdf editor.

What I could achieve is that the Meeting organizer opens the pdf file on his Windows PC desktop, and all the clients can see him working, drawing lines etc.

But when a Client tries to use the organizer´s desktop´s mouse course, he can point / show, but not draw anything. A thick blue cursor appears, with a small name tag of the client user, ít can be mooved around to show things, and only jumps when the client clicks his mouse, thats all.

I have tried to switch the "draw" feature on / off in the user control panel (user name menu), but to no result.

Maybe this behaviour is normal because I am in Demo / trial mode ?

I need a fix for this, otherwise I´ll have to leave for another tool like **Third Party Product** etc, but I kinda like Blizz.

Thanks for helping me !